New Player (2022 & 2023)-Joining Duke's Lacrosse Club

As a Player and Family, JOINING DUKE'S LACROSSE CLUB is a Big Decision, a Big Commitment and an Important Life Decision. Your Choice of Duke's Lacrosse Club will not only Guide you now but it will Shape you're Future Path to a College Education and Define your Experience Academically, Socially and as a Lacrosse player. Please Review the Bullet Points Below & Hopefully this Helps you have a better Understanding for Joining Duke's Lacrosse Club as you Embark on the Journey of a Lifetime.

1) The New Incoming Player Class of 2022's & 2023 will have 2 Team's.


2) There will be OPEN Competition between ALL Player's to Determine which of the 2 Team's Player's will Participate on.


3) This OPEN Competition will Create a Depth Chart at Each Position which will in turn decide which Team of 2022's & 2023 a Player Competes on.


4) Competition to see where a Player Stands on the Depth Chart will Occur at Tryouts and Ricky Whelan Clinics thru the Fall leading into the Oct/Nov Fall Tournament Season.


5) BOTH 2022 & 2023 Team's will Compete in the SAME Fall Tournament's and Receive the SAME High Level Visibility at Significant Recruiting Tournaments.



6) The Depth Chart is a Changing Dynamic based on Performance so you won't just be Locked into a Specific Spot. You can Go UP or DOWN the Depth Chart based on How you COMPETE.


7) Tryouts and Ricky Whelan Clinics are Opportunities to be CONSTANTLY EVALUATED. If you are an Early Automatic Add then it's a Chance to be seen and Move up the Depth Chart. If you are NOT an Early Add Player, know that you CAN BE ADDED to the 2022 & 2023 Team Roster at any one of the Tryouts or Clinics.


8)  We DO NOT have a travel line at Duke's Elite HS level.  Everyone has opportunity to play at every event if you are available.



Hopefully this Helps you have a better Understanding of how and what it means to JOIN DUKE'S LACROSSE CLUB.  It is an EXCITING moment and Opportunity in a young man's Life.  Good Luck and Best Wishes as you start you're Journey with Duke's Lacrosse Club.

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