Duke's Sophomore Mentoring

DUKE’S Sophomore Mentoring 

This is being written to provide information on the Duke's Sophomore Mentoring Program. The mentoring program is something that Duke's Lacrosse Club is very excited about. With that said, ALL CURRENT SOPHOMORES will be communicating with me (Coach Jason Christmas) throughout this winter/spring as we work together to get the Mentoring 

Program off the ground and headed in the right direction. Here is an outline of the guidelines and expectations as well as the multiple benefits of this program. Following that will be the targeted deadlines for the Duke's sophomore class to meet throughout the winter/spring. 

1) The program is being initiated for the Winter/Spring Season.
Hereafter, it will commence annually at the same time in the winter/spring for the respective sophomore class of that year. 

2) This only applies to the Duke's Sophomore class of players. 

3) Each Sophomore is expected to reach out to his respective Community Lacrosse--Feeder Program and make contact with preferably an 8th-grader or a very advanced 7th or 6th grader who you feel can be a Candidate/Prospective Duke's player the following year. 

4) The Duke's Sophomore is expected to introduce and walk this Community player through what the entire Duke's program represents and stands for, explaining our Mission Statement and acquainting him with all aspects of the Duke's program including the website, tournaments, uniforms, recruiting, etc. Talk to him about your Duke's experience and what you hope it will give you, teach you and prepare you for in the future. 

5) The Duke's Sophomore, after picking a Community player, must complete a New Player Info form, sending it and giving a verbal report to Coach Christmas with the name and reasons for selecting this particular player and what attributes he thinks this young player has as a person and player that make him a potential Future Duke's Player. 

6) The Duke's Sophomore must then attend a minimum of 2 practices and 1 game with this
chosen Community player supporting, encouraging and helping the Community player so that there is a bond of friendship that allows for a mutual exchange that is beneficial to both people. 

7) At the end of the spring season, the Duke's Sophomore will then prepare a written report of his interaction with the Community player and submit to Coach Christmas. It may be possible that the sophomore can have it count toward Community Service hours or serve as some other school-related project. 

8)We feel that there will be multiple benefits to initiating this Mentoring Program:

a) We will be giving back to the youth of these communities.

b) We will be giving back to the Youth Lacrosse of these communities.

c) We will be communicating what the Duke's Program is to these community lacrosse programs.

d) It is asking our sophomore players to be more accountable to our program by giving and sharing of themselves. 

e) It is creating the opportunity for friendships and bonds that may go beyond this simple exercise.

f) It may serve as a useful tool for a Duke's player's school project.

g) Lastly, it will target potential future Duke's players and give them the framework of understanding about who we are and how we work. 





Each player will be expected to communicate with Coach Christmas and have made contact with a younger player by April 15th.

Current date to April 15th—find and mentor a player in your youth program or one with exceptional talents or commitment that Dukes Lacrosse Program would benefit. GET STARTED ON THIS ASAP! 

-attend 2-3 practice or game and help player with skill evaluation 

-before May 30th deadline write a summary on your experience of mentoring and giving back; email to Coach Christmas 

-have your mentee fill out Duke’s New Player info sheet ONLINE and email to Coach Christmas at johnjc32xmas@aol.com. Please label pdf. File as (ex.YOURNAMEsophmentor.pdf) 

The goal in the month of April will be to attend at least 2 practices and 1 game of the "community player". It's also important that you can provide them a copy or link to your game schedule so that they can get to some games and see you in action. I will be in open communication with you, your "community player," as well as Coach Ebe to makes sure things are running as smoothly as possible and that you as members of Duke's are doing the right things and making appropriate progress. You will need to document the dates of practices/games attended and communicate them with me so that I can check you off as you take care of the different steps of the mentoring program. 

This gives you plenty of time to reach out to a younger player and make that connection that we will build up over the course of this upcoming winter into spring. Every sophomore is expected by May 30th  deadline to have already communicated the name of their "community player" to Coach Christmas and have that younger player fill out a "New Player Info Form" from that Duke's website. GET STARTED ON THIS ASAP 

I look forward to working with you, work hard in offseason and get ready for high school spring season. While I realize that you are all busy with schoolwork as well as your school team, I feel that this is a valuable and manageable effort. I will be available to answer any questions at johnjc32xmas@aol.com. 

Coach Jason Christmas 


484-431-9692 (personal cell)  



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