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WELCOME to the Duke's Lacrosse Website; HOME of the Duke's Lacrosse Club. This website is very Basic and Designed to be Extremely USER FRIENDLY for Easy Access and Understanding of WHO WE ARE & WHAT WE ARE.

We Provide Intro's at the Beginning of Each Link so you can Travel from LINK TO LINK learning about the Duke's Lacrosse Programs in a Simple and Easy Manner.  Please check our regular UPDATES on the CURRENT ANNOUNCEMENTS LINK and enjoy your trip through our site.  

This Duke's Website Serves as the FLAGSHIP for all of the Duke's ELITE YOUTH, REGIONAL & NATIONAL PROGRAMS. This will Allow you to have easy Access to each of these Programs through our Multi LINKS.


We'd also like to refer you to our "SISTER SITES" @, and for Additional resources and Helpful Information on our Duke's LC Programs. 


Our Goal is to provide Players, Parents, Family's, Friends & Alumni with BOTH Present day News and Information from the Past on the Rich History of all of our Duke's Teams now Starting at the Elite Youth Elementary and Middle School levels and  Continuing thru our Elite High School Levels Regionally and Nationally while also Sharing Valuable Updates on College Recruiting, Our Sponsors and so much more on our Duke's Lacrosse Club. 

Duke's Lacrosse Club fields highly Competitive ELITE Youth and High School All Star Squads and Continues to EXPAND the Duke's BRAND in Both the Ages of it's Players and it's Program's Outreach into NEW TERRITORIES with it's REGIONAL & NATIONAL  EXPANSION MANDATES.


Thank you and Enjoy your Visit to our Duke's Website.  Be sure to check out all the LINKS of our Duke's Lacrosse Club so you can View and Experience the Tradition that is Uniquely DUKE'S which has never been more Evident then when you Click on the VERBALS/ALUMNI LINK and see the Colleges our Players have Matriculated to since our Inception in 1998.  IT IS AN INCREDIBLE LIST !!! 


We are Proud and Excited to share who we are with you.  Have Fun Navigating our Website and once again Thank you for allowing us to Share the DUKE'S EXPERIENCE with Players, Parents, Familys, Friends, Coaches and Alumni.


Our Sponsors

Our Sponsors

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