Duke's Sophomore Mentoring

DUKE’S Sophomore Mentoring 

This is being written to provide information on the Duke's Sophomore Mentoring Program. The mentoring program is something that Duke's Lacrosse Club is very excited about. With that said, ALL CURRENT SOPHOMORES will be communicating with me (Coach Mtt Brasher) throughout this winter/spring/summer as we work together to get the Mentoring Program off the ground and headed in the right direction. Here is an outline of the guidelines and expectations as well as the multiple benefits of this program. Following that will be the targeted deadlines for the Duke's sophomore class to meet throughout the winter/spring/summer. 


1) Select a Middle School Age Player or Players who you think you'd enjoy working with and Mentoring.


2) Select him from your Youth or Community Lacrosse Program; your Local Middle School or your Neighborhood.

Use your Parent's, Friends or Youth Coaches to help you make your Player Selection and make sure you refer to the Soph Mentoring Link to Understand the entire Mentoring process to also help you make your Player/players Selection.

NOTE: Ideally, this player is an 8th grade 2024; an Advanced 7th Grade 2025 or a Really Special 6th Grade 2026 . We want all of these Players to be Special Impactful Lacrosse players as well as Special Impactful people so Choose Carefully.


3) Next, Call, Meet and/or Sit with this Middle school player and confirm who you are, what we are and share Everything you can with this Young man so he Understands and can make an Informed Decision which may include his Youth Coach nd/or Parents that are hearing your Explanation in order to make this Decision.  Confirm in this Meeting that the Player is interested and wants to share in this Mentoring Experience with you.

NOTE: Again, Utilize the Website Link as a Tool but again Understand that it is not Current and needs to be Updated.   


4) Once the Player says YES and is onboard to be Mentored by you then Complete a NEW PLAYER INFO FORM with him and Identify the ACTION PLAN for how you will interact and Mentor him. IE : Attending 2 or 3 of his Practices; Attending 1 or 2 of his games; having a Talk and Catch with him to talk about his Skills, Dreams and Joining Duke's Lacrosse in the Future.

NOTE : If the Player you Initially select is NOT Interested then Quickly Move on and select another Player so you are NOT wasting time.


5) This Player Selection should be Completed on or before APRIL 15TH !!!!! This will allow you to Attend the Player's Spring Season Practices and Games and enjoy a Positive Interaction that Benefits the Young Man and also gives you the Best opportunity to Manage your Schedule.


6) Once you have Completed this Basic, Initial  Selection, I want you to TEXT, EMAIL OR CALL ME to Communicate your Player Selection and then Forward me the PLAYER INFO SHEET so I can Log, Monitor and Add to my Class of 2022 Sophomore Mentoring Folder and Notes.

NOTE : Again, I'm really EXCITED to Lead this Sophomore Mentoring Initiative and I will be sharing with Coaches Sean and Pat. 


7) So, you next need to Create that ACTION PLAN we talked about so both you and the Player/Player's Parents have a Clear Understanding of what you will be doing and Insuring you are Organized in both your Communications and the Coordination of your Action Plan for both yourself and the Young man.  My Suggestion is to Ideally Attend 2 or 3 of the Young Player's Practices so you can watch, let him know you are Supportive and maybe offer some Guidance on his game; Attend 102 of his Games again offer Support and Encouragement and maybe some Tips to help his Individual Game ; Invite the Player come out to 1 or 2 of your High School Practices and make sure you are welcoming and take the time to say Hello and maybe discuss during, after or on a phone call later ( YES, this year could be an Issue); Invite the Young Player to 1 or 2 of your JV or Varsity Games and be Welcoming and Embrace the chance to share and Teach him maybe even having him on the Sideline with you but in either case find time to talk about the game. (YES, this year could be an Issue). 

NOTE : COMPLETE this Action Plan on or before MAY 21ST !!!!!!


8) Now that you've completed your Interaction with this Young Player, take the Time WITH HIM to REVIEW The Beginning Links of the Duke's website Focusing on the WELCOME, HOME, ABOUT US, JOINING DUKE'S LACROSSE CLUB and the FAQ which will all have been Fully Updated.  Once you've done that, take the Young Player to the SCHEDULE LINK and go thru all of the DETAIL for EVALS and INVITE him to Attend and PARTICIPATE.  Lead him thru the Process of SIGNUP and REGISTRATION if he is a 2024 or an Advanced 2025 so he can come out and Compete. ENCOURAGE Him !!!!  Once this Young Player comes out for the First time, he Effectively starts your "ANCESTRY LINE " not only joining the Duke's Brotherhood of Player's but creating your Ancestry/Lineage/Line of Players who you can watch, have Fun Tracing back to what you Started for Duke's LC again and be able to take a Special Pride in what you Started up and Accomplished for the Future
of the Duke's Organization.

NOTE : You as a 2022 Group will have a Special Place in the History of Duke's by Recreating Soph Mentoring. In Addition. Coach Ebe will be sitting down with Charlie Box to Review Initiatives for the EVALS @ MARPLE in early June and he will Communicate those Initiatives on or after MAY 21ST so be Prepared to Help  and Support him.


9) Lastly, to Complete your Soph Mentoring Assignment, do a 1 page Paper/Essay describing your Experience and what you got out of it.
This is DUE ON OR BEFORE JUNE 1ST !!!!!  This will allow me to check your English Comp Writing Skills; maybe allow you to use in English Class or as a School or Community Service Project; and have Each 2022 Add to your Player Bio as Community Service which will Stand out to College Coaches, Parents and other Players/Classes.

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