As a Player and Family, JOINING DUKE'S LACROSSE CLUB is a Big Decision, a Big Commitment and an Important Life Decision. Your Choice of Duke's Lacrosse Club will not only Guide you now but it will Shape you're Future Path to a College Education and Define you Academically, Socially and as a Lacrosse player. Please Review the process below for Joining Duke's Lacrosse Club as you Embark on the Journey of a Lifetime.



To Join the Duke's Lacrosse Club, you must First review the FULL Duke's Website @ .  Next, Carefully Review who we are Link by Link paying Extra attention to the Duke's Mission Statement so you Understand not only who we are but what we stand for to Insure that Both you as a PLAYER, you as a PERSON and your FAMILY Understand the Importance and Structure of the Duke's Lacrosse Club.



We are not a FIT for Everyone so make sure you truly want to be apart of our Club/Organization.  These Comprehensive Links Describing who we are will answer all your Questions and prepare you and your Family for the Incredible Experience that is DUKE'S LACROSSE CLUB.



In Particular, the LINKS of  WELCOME, HOME and ABOUT US are very Specific in Describing the Importance, Understanding and Expectations that Players, Parents and Family's alike need to Embrace as you Review what it means to be a Duke's PLAYER and a Duke's FAMILY. Please review these Links Thoroughly.  



Now that you are Ready to Join the Duke's Lacrosse Club, please download, Complete and Mail the Duke's player Information sheet @ .



This Form can also be found on the Link of - Players/Player Forms .



MAIL IT with an Introduction Note to:


Coach Ebe Helm  

38 Ridley Ave.

Aldan, Pa. 19018.



In your Introduction Note that Accompanies your Player Info Sheet, Describe WHO you play for BOTH Club and High School if Appropriate,WHERE or from WHAT AREA you come from and Play and Provide a Basic Schedule of your Practices, Tournaments and Events so that if Possible, we can have a Coach come out to See you.  The last item in your Note should Include a short Statement as to why you and your Family would be a GOOD FIT for the Duke's Lacrosse Club. 



Now that you have Completed the Administrative Processing Part of JOINING DUKE'S LACROSSE CLUB, let's look at the Opportunities and Time frames where you can COMPETE and be seen/Evaluated.  Your First opportunity will come at the Beginning of the Summer and Continue Thru late Summer into August when Duke's Elite Youth and High School Teams conduct EVALS which are Evaluations/Tryouts/Clinics of all New Players like yourself who want to be seen and Evaluated. You will Meet Coaches and COMPETE to Join Duke's.  These EVALS/TRYOUTS/CLINICS not only include New Players but also include all Currently Rostered Duke's Elite Youth and High School Players.  This will Serve as both your Initial Introduction to Duke's Lacrosse Club and you're First Opportunity as a New Player to be selected as an AUTOMATIC ADD PLAYER to the Duke's Team Roster
for you're Respective Age Group so these
EVALS/TRYOUTS/CLINICS are a Very Important Opportunity.



The next opportunity to be seen and Evaluated by us is in the Fall when we conduct BOTH TRYOUTS and the RICKY WHELAN DEVELOPMENTAL CLINICS and TRAINING SESSIONS that Dukes Lacrosse Club sponsors.  The First Tryout and Clinic sessions begin in the last week of August before Continuing thru September and into October.  These Clinics are not only Teaching Tools thru the Multi Training Sessions provided but they also serve as Evaluations leading into Tryouts that are a Great Opportunity for players to be seen by the Duke's Coaching Staff. Information Specifics as to Dates, Times Location and Cost will be Posted on the Duke's website links and Publicized via Media and Social Media Outlets. College Coaches Like Dave Pietramala of Johns Hopkins, John Tillman of Maryland, Jim Berkman of Salisbury, Kevin Cassese of Lehigh and many other Notable Coaches have Spoken at these Clinics in the past.  In addition, Based upon Performance, these Clinics serve as a Valuable Function and Vehicle for Players to be Selected as AUTOMATIC ADDS in advance of Tryouts and the Tryout process so there is Significant Value on many Levels for Players and Family's to Attend. If you are Unable to attend the Developmental Clinic Sessions or the Tryout at the end of the Clinic Sessions then make sure you Communicate by emailing coach Ebe Helm so we have your Information on File and can Look for other potential opportunities to See You.


Please Review our link on the Ricky Whelan Clinics @ - Ricky Whelan Clinics



Hopefully you now have a Full Understanding of how and what it means to JOIN DUKE'S LACROSSE CLUB

It is an EXCITING moment and Opportunity in a young man's Life.

Good Luck and Best Wishes as you start you're Journey with Duke's Lacrosse Club. 



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