The Duke's Lacrosse Club @ CORONA VIRUS

We're hoping this CORONA VIRUS LINK'S days are Numbered and that it will soon not be Necessary. For now however,  we Feel it's Responsible and Important for this Virus Link to be Used as a Tool and a Means for Effective Communications. It will NOT be Used as a Social Commentary or an Outlet for any Expression other then Continuing to be a Smart and Responsible Communication Link for any Issues that effect our Club's Schedule of Events.  So, with this Link Serving as the Primary Communication Tool for Schedule Changes that the Virus may Create, be advised that we will Post a RED ALERT when any changes Arise so that all of our Duke's Lacrosse Club Organization of  Players, Parents, Family's, Friends and Coaches can be Immediately Alerted. 
This Dangerous and Unprecedented Disease has Disrupted all of our Lives and will indeed leave us with some Long lasting Effects that will not only change our basic day to day Functions and exchanges but looking ahead, we 
expect these Effects to carry over into our Lacrosse Interactions on and off the Field. 
So, separately from any Schedule changes; we will also be Advising of any Team or Individual Guidelines/Restrictions that may be Enacted or Implemented for Safety Concerns by States or even just Individual Tournaments and Events.  These 2 Captions will be Called TOURNAMENT PROTOCOL and TEAM PROTOCOL so please carefully review..These Safety Guidelines will be Added as a Caption Item in the DETAIL of our SCHEDULE LINK for each TOURNAMENT AND EVENT
Expect that there will be Changes to Tournaments and Events going Forward as long as the Threat of the Virus Remains Impactful to Sports and our Everyday lives. Our Focus of Communications is two-fold:

1) We will ALERT you here on this Link of any Changes.

2) We will make timely Changes on our SCHEDULE LINK so you can Quickly and easily View.
Thank you ALL for your Patience.
Please be Vigilant in your day to day Activities so Everyone will stay Safe and Healthy as we Navigate these very Unique Circumstances.

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