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DUKE'S Platinum

Donation of $5000 or more

Freibott Family

Mongeluzzi Family

Robertson Family

George & Uhrich Family

Wojdak Family



Donation of $2500 or more

Barbara, Todd, Elliott and the Albert's Family

Henry, Peter & The Blynn Family

Joey & The Carlini Family

Dravoco LLC

Owen & The Evans Family

Sam & The Fink Family

Gardner Family

Jon & The Garino Family

Connor, Tyler & the Haab Family

The Horn Family & Horn Plumbing

Ian, Ryan & The Murray Family

Terry, Doreen, Andrew & The O'Connell Family

Kevin & The Rogers Family

Natural Stoneworks & The Senft Family

Scott Family

Spahr Family

Vandegrift Family

Zach & The Ward Family

Wolfson family

Jordan, Evan & The Wolf Family

Brian, Curtis & The Zappala Family


DUKE'S Silver

Donation of $1000 or more

Eddie, Nick & The Bambino Family
Matt & The Binnion Family
Andrew Blundin & Family

Blye Family

Bergman Family

Clausen Family

The Desperito/McBride Family

Sean & The Dougherty Family

Matt & The Ernst Family

Forster Family

Drew & The Gallant Family

Jared & The Jacobs Family

Dylan & The Lee/Pyune/McEldowney Family

Lehigh Cement Co.

Zach & The Lipkin/Toporcer Family

Lisicky Family

Kellett Family

Scott & The McAvoy Family

Connor and the McCann Family

Pontiac Road Inc

Ridgway Family

Robino Family

Jake and the Saenz Family

Hayden & The Trautmann Family

Ryan & The Stout Family


DUKE'S Green

Donation of $500 or more

Bender Family
Andrew & The Benedict Family

Bogorowski Family

Tyler & The Butler Family

Tim, Rose and Christian Clay

Zach & The Drake Family

Andrew & The Fine Family

Bill & The Flatley Family

Ryan & The Guittare Family

Charles Giunta and The Kelly/Proctor Family

Grayson & The Helm Family

Aaron & The Kager Family

Kaiser Family

Dustin, Tyler & Keen Family

Kurt & The Kaunas Family

The Kilpatrick Family

Lacrosse Republic, LLC

Level 2 Sports & Joel Franklin

Lombard Family

Paul & The Major Family

Brendan McGrath Family

Sean and the Mulqueen Family

Josh & The Pope Family

Robertson Marketing Co.

Jon & Sax Family

Parker & The Self Family

Dylan & The Tocco Family

Ben & The Wilkins Family



Donations up to $499

Aston Dairy Queen, Rt. 452 & Concord Rd.(5 Points), Aston

Friends of Bill Adolph, Jr.

Ambler Family

Warner, Connor & The Bailey Family

Matt & The Barrett Family

Ryan & The Beatson Family

Booker Family

Dustin & The Buchanan Family

Keith & The Cameron Family

Caterson Family

Connors Family

John & The Cook Family

Nick & The Cruise Family

Chris & The Daly Family

DiFrangia Family

Mike Dougherty Family

Sean & The Dougherty Family

Jake & The Durkin Family

Greg & The Farris Family

Chris & The Friedman Family

Tyler & The Fuhrman Family

Bryan & The Garrahan Family

Victor Garcia Family

Malcolm & The Glendinning Family

Adam & The Graham Family 

GTH Enterprises

Gulyas Family

Greg, Mike, Mark & The Gurenlian Family in Honor of Louise Mackrides

Chris, Ryan & The Hilburn/Embon Family's

Horrocks & Isenberg Family's

Connor & The Howell Family

Danny Jones & Family

Shawn and the Kane Family

The Keane Family

Kennedy Family

Jeff & The Kern Family

Dan & The Kinek Family

King Family

Kupecky Family

Landscape Concepts By Design Inc.

Lovelace Family

Mercier/Spanos Family

Will & The Mette Family

Chase & The Miller Family

Matt & The Moore Family

Ryan, Shane, Tyler & The Morrell Family

Troy & The Moyer Family

Muller Family

Kyle & The Norton Family

Brandyn & The O'Connell Family

O'Donnell Family

Jeremy & The Omrod Family

Trupert & The Ortlieb family

Mike & The Paoline Family

Paoline Family

John & The Pennell Family

Phillips Family

Maureen & Chris Quinlan

Rafferty Family

Corey & The Richards Family

Chris and The Rivera Family

Rohr Family

Drew & The Schantz Family

Schleicher Family

Graham & The Seuffert Family

Brandon & The Shima Family

Kyle & The Siegler Family

Matt & The Smidlein Family

Colin & The Strange Family

Kevin & The Stump Family

Mike & The Thompson Family

Tomlinson Family

Vermeil Family

Andrea Wakefield

Adam & The Weaver Family

Weinstein Family

Rick and Ginna Whelan

Dave Young Family

Zbikowski Family

2009 Champ Camp Social


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Our Sponsors

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